Rate Increase

Effective 1 June, 2024, we will be increasing our rates as follows:

Daycare: $28 + GST

Main Kennel overnight: $40 + GST (afternoon pick up, add $20)
Cedar Village overnight: $35 + GST (afternoon pick up, add $17.50)

Property Rules

*Please ensure dogs are on leash, as we are an active livestock farm.

*Please respect business hours, waiting at end of driveway near traffic light.

Welcome to Michael Lake Kennel...

We are a family-run, fully insured facility that specializes in caring for your four-legged family member. It is comprised of 2 separate buildings:

The Main Kennel (for medium to large breed dogs) and The Cedar Village (house-trained small breed dogs). We specialize in facilitating play groups whereby the main socialization is with other dogs, as opposed to day care settings that focus 1:1 between staff and dog. Dogs who have separation anxiety are likely to be more content with a house-sitter. We currently do not have any references available, due to high demand for this service.

As our facilities are set up for companionship, we only accept dogs that are well socialized, up-to-date on vaccinations and are spayed/neutered. In The Main Kennel, each dog has a personal run and bedding area for eating and sleeping when they are not in an outdoor yard playing with others. We have a limited number of double-runs to accommodate groups of dogs from the same family; these are booked on a first-come first-served basis. Staff carefully screen and monitor playgroups as, unlike regular kennels where dogs stay in a run enclosure, we like to have dogs out playing with each other, in lieu of walks.

The Cedar Village is within our renovated farmhouse and each dog has a child-sized cedar house where they eat meals and rest when not socializing with others in an indoor playpen area or in a netted outdoor yard (for protection against local birds of prey). We do have the ability to pair dogs from the same family together in one cedar house.

Both areas have full washers and dryers and can accommodate all diets (we have refrigeration for raw food).

Are you ready to come play? We welcome you to schedule a tour and meet & greet! 

Pre-boarding checklist:

* All dogs over 6 months of age must be spayed/neutered, no exceptions.
* Regretfully, we are unable to accommodate pit bull breeds. They are lovely dogs, but we have found other owners are not comfortable with them in our play groups.
* All dogs must have documentation showing current vaccinations against Bordetella (Kennel Cough), Distemper, Parvovirus, Adenovirus & Rabies.
* All dogs must have their human complete a External link opens in new tab or windowPersonality Profile for them before arrival to our facility, so we can get to know their habits and preferences.
* All dogs must wear a flat collar. Choke chains, pinch collars or other chain collars are not permitted, as they are dangerous during play.
* All dogs must come with enough food to see them through their visit, whether this be raw diets or regular kibble. We no longer provide food.

* All dogs must be on a leash during drop-off and pick-up as we have a busy parking lot and livestock that may be tempting to chase.

*New* If your dog requires medication, you must complete a External link opens in new tab or windowMedication Administration Chart and provide it to us.

After Daycare/Boarding recommendation:

While we do our best to launder blankets before you pick up your dog, following our philosophy (dogs playing in groups outdoors, much of the day) means: in the summer some dogs may get dusty from digging, and/or wet from playing in kiddie pools we set out. In the wetter months, they can get muddy when we have them out when the weather is suitable.

We can recommend Desiree at External link opens in new tab or windowCedar Dog Grooming. She is kind and gentle and has a lovely set up on a farm just down the road from us. 

For first-time boarders, your dog may be more tired and thirsty than normal when returning home, due to high activity at the kennel and different stimulation.

We're certified!

All employees have been trained in Dogsafe Canine First Aid 101.

Check out Dogsafe here: https://www.dogsafe.ca/