Soggy Bottom Farm is a 34-acre farm in Yellow Point that raises free-ranging, grass-fed, hormone-free Hereford cattle. The cattle have free range of the farm. During the winter, their grazing land is supplemented by high-quality local hay. During the summer, the farmers hand-feed apples to the cattle! Soggy Bottom Farm cares deeply for its animals. The animals do not receive growth hormones or feed that contains chemicals of any kind. Although Soggy Bottom Farm did not pursue certified organic status, it considers itself to be as natural as possible.

2019 Cuts & Rates







Rib Steak


2 steaks per package

New York Steak


2 steaks per package


Sold Out





 Short ribs


 3 lbs per package


Ground Beef (Mince)





1.5 lbs per package







Stew Meat


1.5 lbs per package

Soup Bones


8 lbs per bag

Organs (liver, heart etc)



Starting in the Summer of 2019, we will take orders or "sides"

If you purchase a side (1/2 animal) this is $5.50/lb. The hanging weight of a side is approximately 250lbs.

If you purchase a 1/4, this is $6.00/lb. The hanging weight of a 1/4 side is approximately 125lbs.

There is a difference between front and hind cuts, so whenever you purchase a side you will receive a mix of front and hind cuts, as will whomever purchases the remaining side(s). This ensures all customers receive a balanced order.

Please note that our cattle are grass-fed. For optimal taste, this requires a specific type of cooking and has a different taste from grain-fed animals.

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